June Tang. Vietnamese in Vancouver.

-> Product Designer & Technical Writer @ D3 Security
Previously @ NYC Mayor’s Office for CTO

-> I design and write for data-driven decisions and experiences in cybersecurity



Designing & Writing @ D3 Security

Product design, technical writing

At D3 Security, I had the opportunity to design major features to enhance the navigation experience of the platform. I also write technical documentation for these features to provide the most accurate and accessible guide on how to use them.

Interning @ New York City Mayor's Office for Chief Technology Officer

Product design, UX research, content strategy

During my internship, I worked on several projects for inter-city agencies in New York. I participated in UX research, conceptualization, and content strategy to be used in the development of civic tech projects. I also created visual assets for their social media channel, and publications.

The Show 2020: Designing a Virtual Graduate Exhibition

UI/UX design, service design, copywriting

The Show is an annual graduate exhibition for Emily Carr University students to showcase their thesis projects. In the summer of 2020, I was responsible for designing the UI and service of the first ever virtual exhibition site.

Independent Contractor

UI/UX design, game design, front-end development

Independent Contractor is a web-based simulation game investigating a fictional world in which drone-delivery is changing our behaviours and systems. As the UI designer, writer, and front-end developer for this project, I was in charged of creating the user interface of the game and its narratives, as well as all visual and textual components.

Redesigning an information hub for teaching faculty

UI/UX design, Wordpress development, copywriting

As universities move into online teaching, the Teaching & Learning Centre became an increasingly important resource for faculty members at Emily Carr University for teaching resources and announcements. I was tasked with redesigning and developing this website with my co-designer.